Not Red But Lavender (chapter 3)

The airport was extra crowded with people longing to travel during the winter holiday. My left hand was dragging a suitcase and holding the plane ticket at the same time, while my right was carrying a purse and my precious phone so I was struggling to pay for the drinks I just ordered. While I was finally succeeding to get my wallet out of my purse, I felt someone standing beside me checking the menu on the counter to order a drink as well.

“I would like to get this drink, please,” said the boy. “I would like to pay for this young lady’s drink as well.”

That’s when I dropped my purse. Can the young lady that he was talking about possibly be me? Was I, Diana Brown, face to face with someone that can fill in the missing part of mine, at last?

I then slowly lifted up my face to see the face of this man that appeared like a star from nowhere. Sure it was, the finest and the most decent guy anyone could imagine was standing right next to me!

“Umm, thank you…” I said to him. I think I didn’t say it loud enough because he completely ignored me. “Thank you so much! That was so kind of you! You didn’t have to do that but I still very much…” Before I could finish, he slowly walked away and that was when I noticed a small girl bringing her drink that the boy just bought for her to her parents in another direction. Oh yeah, I should really work on my grammar. He said ‘drink’ not ‘drinks’. Of course, he wasn’t paying for me. Who would want to pay for five drinks unless it’s their own girlfriend who’s buying it?

“Would you like to pay for your drinks now, young lady?” the staff asked me with a wink. “There’s a bunch of people waiting in line for you to finish.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I stuttered. It was surely embarrassing that the staff saw me talking to myself.

After buying the drinks, I carried all 5 of them to bring it to my family. Oh, how heartless they were to let a poor girl bring all these drinks for them without a single hand to help carry them. That’s when I heard a boy saying, “Do you mind me helping?” and that’s when it hit me that it was the exact same voice I heard earlier. I quickly looked up and saw the charming boy grinning at me. This time I was a hundred percent sure that it was me who he was talking to.

“Sure, I don’t mind it at all! I’m just amazed that someone would help me when my own family is sitting there doing nothing.”

He helped me bring the drinks all the way to where my family were and went back to his way. I should’ve asked for his contact or something but I was just too busy on admiring his breathtaking arm muscles that was brushing my soft arm.

Then it was finally time to take our flight. I waved to my hometown Maryland goodbye and started dreaming of what might happen in my new home London.

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