Not Red But Lavender (chapter 2)

It all started on December when the winter holiday started. I was breathing out the cold air that seemed to extinguish the fire that was burning in the corner of my living room.

“Diana, will you come and help me set the table for breakfast?” my mom called out for me from the kitchen.

“Okay, coming!” I answered.

My day always started like this when it came to holidays. My family wasn’t that wealthy; thanks to my uncle’s deceit. That’s why my whole family had to stay home when all my other friends would go ice skating or at least travel to somewhere warm.

I had an older sister and a younger brother. My older sister who was named Aurelia — after my mom’s name Aurora — would always boast me about getting her nails done and finding her picture perfect boyfriend. As for my younger brother who was named Theo — which had got nothing to do with my dad’s name Noah — never forgot to snitch on me to my parents.

Although my family’s life wasn’t that abundant like the ones around us, we still managed to live happily just as much as the others did and for me nothing could compare to the warmth and comfort my family always gave me.

During breakfast, my dad made an announcement that made everyone jump off their seats. “We’re going to move to London next month so we should begin to pack up our stuffs!”

“Wait, what? Really? Are you being for real right now?” my sister cried for joy. She has always wanted to move to a city with all kinds of luxuries and now her dream was finally coming true. “Thanks, dad!”, she said as she hugged him tight.

On the other hand, when I turned to see Theo, his eyes were filling with tears every second. “What about my friends? I’m gonna miss them so much! I am not leaving them. You guys can go but you can’t say anything about my decision because I’m not that heartless to lose all my precious ones just for the jewelries you can get in a hole called London like someone!”

“Hey, stop being rude!” my sister yelled at him.

Theo was trying to come up with something to say when he suddenly bursted into tears and ran up to his room.

While the others were arguing whether to stay in our hometown or move to London, my mind was busy thinking about something totally off the topic. If we stayed here, I might as well just live a normal life and hangout with my friends like always but moving to London didn’t seem bad to me either. I might as well find my very own picture perfect boyfriend and go to boarding school like every other kids do over there. That’s when my mind went thinking about what would my future be like if I got a boyfriend. So that’s when I spoke up. “I would like to go to London like Aurelia does.”

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